Episode 6: "Shake the Rafters"


Although Sadie has become a regular at Nina's, she is nervous about what the night has in store...and with good reason. Featuring music by: Dagny, White Hot Noise, Mean Streets, and Matthew Caringi.

Featured Artist: Dagny

Dagny was a four piece Indie rock band from the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA. Hailing from the city of Reading, the band started as an acoustic duo featuring the talents of Rachel Kline and Steven Beckley. They grew into a 4 piece rather quickly with the addition of Frank Fraser on the string bass and Josh Noel on drums.

In the short time Dagny was together, they’ve were privileged to record their first album with Grammy nominated producer David Ivory. The opportunity to work with Ivory, and everything they learned from him and his staff, solidified their desire to be in the music industry with a sense of belongingness.

Their self-titled EP was released in the summer of 2012.

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