Episode 2: New Yng Cute


Bummed about her broken camera, Sadie makes due taking pictures of Shorty Boy Boy with her cell phone. After the show, Joe has a surprise for Sadie that turns her frown upside down. Featuring music by: Shorty Boy Boy, Oliver Thompson and Ruby the Hatchet

Featured Artist: Shorty Boy Boy

1983 - Shorty Boy-Boy is born in New Jersey.

2006 - Shorty Boy-Boy records the album - Kicking Your Ass, Then Smoking Your Grass.

2007 - Shorty Boy-Boy retires from the music industry to focus on getting paid.

2010 - Silk City offers Shorty Boy-Boy $24 and a dollar of domestic beers to play a Wednesday night show. Shorty Boy-Boy accepts and officially comes out of retirement.

2012- Shorty Boy-Boy adds two super hot chicks in the band.

Shorty is currently releasing singles off, soon to be "tru luv" LP (remember kids, Jesus had gaps in his story too).

Shorty Boy Boy

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