The Cast

  • Character: Jared

  • Zaire Harris

    Zaire Harris was born on Thanksgiving Day 1992, in Philadelphia PA. At an early age his mother would take him to the movie theater every weekend. This is where his love for cinema blossomed. It wasn’t until Zaire was convinced to join his boarding school’s theater club, in the 11th grade, that he discovered his passion for acting. After the school’s winter production he decided stage acting wasn’t his niche. The next year he joined the film club. Zaire began writing and acting in his own short films, which lead to an opportunity to work for South Fellini. Zaire met Nicole Agostino on the set of South Fellini’s Alpha Girls, and got the chance to audition for her upcoming project “Sadie”.

  • Character: Nicole

  • Nicole is a native of Philadelphia who has just recently moved to LA for acting and modeling. She has many independent projects under her belt. Her most recent credit being "Dead TV," an indie horror where she starred opposite names like Eric Roberts, Danielle Harris, and Felissa Rose. You can find Nicole in a teen drama called "You'll Know My Name" by Joe Raffa, as well as, "Six Degrees of Hell," a horror film featuring Corey Feldman. Both were bought with distribution by Breaking Glass.  Other credits include "Alpha Girls" and "Whisper in the Walls." While her niche may be in horror, don't let this scream queen fool you, she has a vast range in different genres and is always hungry for more. Since moving to LA, Nicole has won a spot on the CBS' reality series "Excused," and is featured on an episode of Dr. Phil. She recently joined the ladies of "Hollywood Wops," and also appears in a recurring role as Gina in "The Mamaluke".

    Nicole also lent her talents to the cast of "Gritty," written and directed by Creep Creeperson. Nicole loves acting and will continue to pursue her dreams. She greatly appreciates the opportunities and experiences that have come her way. She is truly blessed to have met and worked with so many talented people, and looks forward to much, much more.

  • Character: Cameron

  • Falon was born in Philadelphia, and at age 4 she began modeling and runway. Starting out in this industry at such a young age was most certainly an eye opener for her. She was exposed to a work lifestyle that most people don't recognize until they are well into their 20's. From dance to horseback riding; from singing to speech classes, every day was filled with new learning experiences. Although her mother gave her the thirst for acting, it was her grandmother who gave her the love of film, specifically horror and dark comedies. Falon's true weak spot. As she grows older she finds herself looking for more interesting characters to portray. Characters that will push her to dig deep, create stories that will stick with an audience, and push them to think outside the box.

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